Command Line Options

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Command Line (Shortcut) Options

Individual games can be run from the command line, skipping the menu screen.  To run a game, start Pretty Good Solitaire from the command line with GOODSOL followed by the name of the game. For example, the command line "GOODSOL01 klondike" will immediately start the game Klondike.  (Statistics will go to the player the program was set to the previous time the program was run).



Shortcuts for Games

To create a Windows 95 shortcut to run a particular game:


1        Right click on the empty desktop and select New | Shortcut.  Or in Windows Explorer, go to the directory where you wish the shortcut to be and select File | New | Shortcut.

2        Browse and find the GOODSOL01.EXE file.  Select the GOODSOL01.EXE file.

3        Add a game name to the command line.  For example, you may have a command line of "c:\program files\goodsol\goodsol01.exe".  Add klondike to the end of this (after any quotes), to get "c:\program files\goodsol\goodsol01.exe" klondike

4        Click on the next button.

5        Change the name of the shortcut to Klondike

6        You can now run the game simply by clicking on the shortcut.