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Goodsol Customer Responsibility


When you decide to become a Goodsol customer, you have decided to join the elite of solitaire players. To be a part of that elite, we require you to follow our one Customer Responsibility rule:


Goodsol Customer Responsibility

It is the responsibility of every Goodsol customer to tell us when something is wrong.        


If we don't know that there is something wrong, there is no way we can fix it. You have to tell us that there is a problem before we can fix it.


If you haven't gotten your registration code within about 48 hours after ordering, email about it.


If you have lost your registration code and need it sent to you again, go to our lost code form.


If you are having a technical problem, email about it.


If you have a question about a game, email about it.


Of course, if nothing is wrong, you can tell us about that too!


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