Customer Support

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Technical Support

Technical Support for Pretty Good Solitaire is available by email to  Should you have any problems with Pretty Good Solitaire, send me a message and I'll try to help out.



Order questions

If you have any questions about ordering, or the status of your order, contact



What happens when you register/order:

When you register Pretty Good Solitaire, I will generate a unique registration code just for you and send it to you.  This code will register your copy of Pretty Good Solitaire.  If you give an e-mail address on your registration code, I will send you the registration code by e-mail, usually within 24 hours of when I receive your check.  If you register via the Internet using one of my registration services, you will usually get your code within 24-48 hours of when you register ).  If you don't provide an e-mail address, then your code will be sent to you via regular mail, meaning that when you get it will depend on the post office.



You can always check out for the latest versions of Pretty Good Solitaire and all my other products.



As a registered user, you will be able to legally use the program beyond the 30 day trial period, and have full access to all features.  Please support the shareware concept!



My Distribution method:

My distribution method is simple: the internet.  I see little point in any other way of distributing shareware.  My World Wide Web site always has the latest version available.  If you have any questions about Pretty Good Solitaire, send me an email.  I try to reply to all messages as quickly as I can.



However, some people do like to get the program on CD-ROM.  For these people, I have provided an optional $5 shipping fee.  If you add this fee to the regular registration price, I will send you the latest version on CD-ROM.