Deal Wizard

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The Deal part of the Solitaire Wizard has two parts: Number of Cards Dealt from Stock, and Number of Redeals Allowed.


Number of Cards Dealt from Stock

Determines how many and by what method cards will be dealt from the stock pile.  There are three choices: deal one card at a time to the stock pile, deal three cards at a time to the stock pile, and deal one card to each tableau pile.  In this last case there is no waste pile and there can be no redeals.


Number of Redeals Allowed

Determines how many times the waste pile can be turned over and dealt back again as the stock. There are 5 choices:  no redeals allowed, only 1 redeal allowed, 2 redeals, 3 redeals, and unlimited redeals.  This choice has a big effect on how easy the game is to win.



When you have completed these fields, you are finished with the Wizard.  You can play the game you just created by clicking on the Finish button.  You can go back and change anything you want by clicking on the Previous button.  You can abandon this game by clicking on Cancel.