Solitaire Wizard

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The Solitaire Wizard


The Solitaire Wizard allows you to create hundreds of thousands of different solitaire games by changing the rules of the games.  You can invent your own games, name them, and change them to suit your taste.  For a step-by-step guide to how to create a game, see the Solitaire Wizard Tutorial.


Solitaire Wizard Tutorial



Save Game Name

In the box for Save Game Name, type the name of the game you wish to create.  You can give it any name you wish (except don't give it the name of an existing game).  If you want to edit the rules of a game you have already created, you can select the name of that game in the drop-down box.


To delete a Wizard game, select the name of the game in the box and click on the Delete Game button.


Game Type

There are 4 types of games that you can create with the Wizard.  They are Klondike type, Forty Thieves type, Spider type, and Fan type.  Select which type of game you wish to create.


Number of Decks

In the Number of Decks box, choose whether you want to play a game that uses 1 deck of cards (52 cards), or 2 decks of cards (104 cards).



When you are finished with the game name, click on the Next button.


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