Tableau Wizard 2

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The second Tableau part of the Wizard has 3 fields: Method of Tableau Building,  Empty Tableau Filled By, and Number of Free Cells.


Method of Tableau Building

Determines how the tableau piles are built down.  The choices are: build down in the same suit only, build down in alternate colors, build down in the same color only, build down in any suit but the same suit, and build down regardless of suit.


This selection gives you a lot of power over the difficulty level of the game.  Games that require cards to be of the same suit are the most difficult, because they are the most restrictive.  The other choices become progressively less difficult, with building down regardless of suit the easiest.


Empty Tableau Filled By

Determines how empty piles in the Tableau are filled.  There are four choices: any card or legal sequence or cards (no restrictions),  only a King (or one rank below the foundation base, if the foundation base is not an Ace),  a card from the stock or waste pile only,  or spaces can't be filled at all.


Number of FreeCells

Determines how many freeCells (or 1 card reserve piles) there will be at the bottom of the screen.  1 card only is allowed in each free cell.  For example, the game FreeCell has 4 free cells.  You are allowed from 0 (none) to 10 free cells, depending on the type of game and the screen resolution.


When you have completed filling in these fields, click on the next button.


Groups and Foundations