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Gold Rush

Play Gold Rush

Play the original Klondike variation

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Alphabetical List of All Games

Top 15 Most Played Games

1.  FreeCell   2.  Klondike   3.  King Albert   4.  Interchange   5.  Yukon   6.  Klondike 1 Card   7.  Spider   8.  Aces and Kings   9.  Alaska   10.  Scorpion   11.  Pyramid   12.  Three Shuffles and a Draw   13.  Canfield   14.  Golf   15.  Unlimited  


Play the classic 7 pile game

Play Klondike Solitaire Online

Pretty Good Klondike

Play Klondike 1 Card

Play Klondike with a 1 card deal

Play Gold Rush

Play the original Klondike variation

Play Trigon Online

Play the Klondike variation


Play the strategy game

Play FreeCell Online

Pretty Good FreeCell

Play Baker's Game

Play the FreeCell variation

Play Eight Off

An 8 cell FreeCell variation

Play Penguin

The FreeCell and Eight Off type solitaire game

Play Sea Towers

also known as SeaHaven Towers


Play the challenging game

Play Spider Online

Pretty Good Spider

Play Spider One Suit

Play the easy one suit Spider

Play Spider Two Suits

Play the medium two suit Spider

The move all uncovered cards game

Play Yukon Online

Play Russian Solitaire

Like Yukon building by suit

Play Alaska

Like Yukon building up or down by suit

Play Australian Patience

Yukon type game from Australia

Play Yukonic Plague Online

Play the Yukon Type game

Play Moosehide Online

Play the Yukon Type game


Add pairs to 13

Play Pyramid Online

Play Giza Online

Play the open variation of Pyramid

Play King Tut Online

Also known as Tut's Tomb

Play Fourteen Out

Add ranks to 14

Play Anubis

Play the Double Pyramid game
Play the hard 2 deck game

Play Interchange

Play Unlimited

Play Interchange with unlimited redeals

Play Give and Take Online

Play the easier version of Interchange


The build up or down solitaire game

Play Golf Online

Play Putt Putt Online

Play the easier version of Golf

Play All in a Row Online

Play the Golf Type game
The Spider variant solitaire game

Play Scorpion

Play Three Blind Mice

Play the Scorpion variation
Aces and Kings
Play the game original to

Play Aces and Kings Online

Play Acey and Kingsley Online

Play the easier version of Aces and Kings

Free Fan
Play the original Fan type game

Play Free Fan

Double Klondike
Play the double solitaire game

Play Double Klondike

Play Batsford

Play the 2 deck Klondike variation

Play Batsford Again

Play Batsford with a redeal

Play Batsford Rush

Play Batsford with Gold Rush redeals

Play Moving Left

Play the unique Klondike variation

Play Lady Jane

The 2 deck Klondike variation

Play Gargantua

Play the 2 deck Klondike type game

Play Hypotenuse

Play the 2 deck Klondike variation
La Belle Lucie
Play the classic Fan type game

Play La Belle Lucie

Play Three Shuffles and a Draw

Play the La Belle Lucie variation

Play Fan Online

Play the game of 3 card fans

Play Clover Leaf

Play the Fan type game
The demon solitaire game

Play Canfield

Play Demon Online

Play the 2 deck Canfield variation

Play Storehouse Online

Play the Canfield type game

Play Acme Online

Play the Canfield Type game
Forty Thieves
Play the classic 2 deck game

Play Forty Thieves

Play Josephine

Play Forty Thieves with group moving

Play Rank and File

Play the Forty Thieves variation

Play Number Ten Online

Play the Forty Thieves type game
King Albert
Play the challenging open game

Play King Albert

Play Carlton

Play the 2 deck Klondike variation
Play the popular game

Play Cruel

Thieves of Egypt
Play the original Forty Thieves variation

Play Thieves of Egypt

Play Demons and Thieves

The original solitaire game

Play Antares

Play the original FreeCell type game


Play the Spider Type game

Play EastHaven Online

Play Simple Simon

Play the Open Spider type game

Play Spiderette

The one deck Spider variation solitaire game

Pretty Good Solitaire
Play 900 Solitaire Games for Windows with Pretty Good Solitaire

Fortune's Favor
Play the easy Forty Thieves variation

Play Fortune's Favor

Double Yukon
Play the 2 deck Yukon game

Play Double Yukon

Play Double Russian Online

Play the Yukon Type game
Spider Cells
Play the FreeCell/Spider cross

Play Spidercells

Rouge et Noir
Play the 2 deck strategic Spider type game

Play Rouge et Noir

Triple Klondike
Play the 3 deck Klondike version

Play Triple Klondike

Four Seasons

Play the simple game

Play Four Seasons Online

Fred's Spider

Play the Spider variation

Play Fred's Spider Online

Play Miss Milligan Online

Play the Spider type game

Play Spidike Online

Play the original game
Beleaguered Castle
Play the open strategy solitaire game

Play Beleaguered Castle

Play Baker's Dozen Online

Play the open game

Play Zerline Online

Play the Castle type game

Play Fortress Online

Play the Castle Type game

Play Canister

Play the Castle type game
Busy Aces
Play the simple Forty Thieves variant

Play Busy Aces

Play Deuces Online

Play the Busy Aces Type game

Play Three's Company

Play the original Busy Aces variation

Play Fours Up Online

Play the Busy Aces type game
Three Cells
Play FreeCell with 3 cells

Play Three Cells

Play Two Cells

Play FreeCell with 2 cells

Play One Cell

Play FreeCell with 1 cell

Play American Canister Online

Play FreeCell with no cells


Play the Klondike type game

Play WestCliff Online

Play Thumb and Pouch Online

Play the Klondike type game

Play Gold Mine Online

Play the Klondike type game


Play the Forty Thieves type game

Play Congress Online

Play Forty and Eight Online

Play the Forty Thieves Type game

Goodsol Free Solitaire

Download Goodsol Free Solitaire, a completely free collection of 12 solitaire games for Windows offline play, including FreeCell, Klondike, and Spider!

Download Goodsol Free Solitaire Now


Play the unique game

Play Accordion Online

Play the FreeCell type game

Play ForeCell

Play Seven by Four Online

Play the FreeCell Type game

Play Nine by Five Online

Play the FreeCell Type game

Play KingCell Online

Play the FreeCell Type game
Double FreeCell
Play the 2 deck FreeCell variation

Play Double FreeCell

Flower Garden
Play the open Klondike variation

Play Flower Garden

Play Northwest Territory

Play the original Flower Garden variation
Play the Auld Lang Syne variation

Play Acquaintance


Play the Klondike Type game

Play Athena Online

Play Agnes Sorel Online

Play the Klondike Type game


Play Arizona Online

Play Backbone

Play Balcony

Play the original game

Play Bath

Play the original game
Ace of Hearts
Play the original game

Play Ace of Hearts

German Patience
Play the unique game

Play German Patience

Play Bavarian Patience

Play the German Patience variation
Play the fan type game

Play Bristol

Brown Recluse
Play the Spider type game

Play Brown Recluse

Play the Sir Tommy type game

Play Calculation

Play the easy game

Play Carpet

New April 7!

Castles in Spain
Play the Baker's Dozen variation

Play Castles in Spain

New April 20!

Castles in Spain
Play the Busy Aces variation

Play Cast Out Nines

New April 23!

Ceiling Fan
Play the Fan variation

Play Ceiling Fan

New April 26!

Challenge FreeCell
Play the hard FreeCell version

Play Challenge FreeCell

New May 6!

Play the Canfield version

Play Chameleon

Pretty Good Solitaire works on Windows 10!
Download for Windows 10 Now!

Alphabetical List of All Games

Accordion   Ace of Hearts   Aces and Kings   Acey and Kingsley   Acme   Acquaintance   Agnes Sorel   Alaska   All in a Row   American Canister   Antares   Anubis   Arizona   Athena   Australian Patience   Backbone   Baker's Dozen   Baker's Game   Balcony   Bath   Batsford   Batsford Again   Batsford Rush   Bavarian Patience   Beleaguered Castle   Breakwater   Bristol   Brown Recluse   Busy Aces   Calculation   Canfield   Canister   Carlton   Carpet   Castles in Spain   Cast Out Nines   Ceiling Fan   Challenge FreeCell   Chameleon   Cheops   Congress   Cruel   Demon   Demons and Thieves   Deuces   Double FreeCell   Double Klondike   Double Russian   Double Yukon   EastHaven   Eight Off   Fan   Flower Garden   ForeCell   Fortress   Fortune's Favor   Forty and Eight   Forty Thieves   Four Seasons   Fours Up   Fourteen Out   Fred's Spider   FreeCell   Free Fan   Gargantua   German Patience   Give and Take   Giza   Gold Mine   Gold Rush   Golf   Hypotenuse   Interchange   Josephine   King Albert   King Tut   KingCell   Klondike   Klondike 1 Card   La Belle Lucie   Lady Jane   Miss Milligan   Moosehide   Mount Olympus   Moving Left   Nine by Five   Northwest Territory   Number Ten   One Cell   Penguin   Putt Putt   Pyramid   Rank and File   Russian Solitaire   Scorpion   Sea Towers   Seven by Four   Simple Simon   Spider   SpiderCells   Spider One Suit   Spider Two Suits   Spiderette   Spidike   Storehouse   Thieves of Egypt   Three Blind Mice   Three Cells   Three's Company   Three Shuffles and a Draw   Thumb and Pouch   Tournament   Trigon   Triple Klondike   Two Cells   Unlimited   WestCliff   Yukon   Yukonic Plague   Zerline  

Now with 880 games and 5 card sizes.

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