Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition
Frequently Asked Questions


Q.- Why is the new game button greyed out?

A.- Most likely, you are in Climb Mode. Climb Mode is a special way of playing where you start with game #1 and play the game numbers in sequence for a cumulative score. In Climb Mode, you play another game using the Next Game function. New Game is unavailable. Climb Mode can be turned off via the toolbar on the main screen (where you see the names of the games). When Climb Mode is off, the New Game function will once again be available.

Q.- Why is the AutoMove button greyed out?

A.- The AutoMove function is available only when there is a possible move for AutoMove to play.

Q.- Why can't I play a game number more than 30?

A.- The trial version is limited to game numbers 1 to 30 for each game, so if you play a lot of games you will see game numbers repeated. The full version has game numbers up to over 2 billion for each game, so you are unlikely to see repeated games (at random) in a lifetime.

Q.- I have played some games but why don't I see my statistics on the main screen?

A.- You were probably playing in Climb Mode. Climb Mode has separate statistics, which are listed on the far right of the main screen (you may need to scroll over horizontally to see them). Only games played in regular mode show in the regular statistics. The columns on the main screen can be rearranged or resized by dragging.

Q.- How do I install the extra cardsets?

A.- After downloading the card sets, run the downloaded file. The card sets will mount in Finder. Double click on the icon for the card set in Finder to install the card set and run the game. Once you do this once, you can eject the card set from Finder and it will be available in the game.

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