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Goodsol Development Inc. is the world's leader in solitaire card game software for Windows. Based in Springfield, Illinois, Goodsol Development is the publisher of Pretty Good Solitaire, a collection of hundreds of solitaire card games. Goodsol Development Inc. has been profitably providing solitaire games entertainment on the internet since 1995.




Goodsol Development distributes many of its games as shareware. Shareware means "try before you buy" software. Users can download our shareware games and play them free for 30 days. For many of our games, the 30-day trial versions are actually 30 usage-days trials. That's 30 days of actually using the program, not 30 calendar days. Install it, use it once, go on vacation for a month, and you will come back to day 2 of your trial. A day only counts in the trial if you play that day.


If you like the games, you can order them (this is also known as "registering"), which allows you to keep on playing them after the 30 day trial period is over. If you don't like the games and don't want to order, you simply uninstall.


Furthermore, all of our shareware games have a 30 day money back guarantee! Goodsol Development Inc. is a supporting member of the Association of Shareware Professionals, the premiere shareware trade organization.


Our Shareware Games

Pretty Good Solitaire

FreeCell Wizard

Spider Wizard

Solitaire Wizard





Goodsol Development Inc.

Thomas Warfield - President, Software Designer and Programmer, Technical Support, Marketing

Anne Warfield - Order Fulfillment, Customer Service


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