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1 Deck.  Hard (8%).  Mostly Skill.



To discard all the cards.



stock (top left, face down) -  Turn over 1 card at a time to the tableau by clicking.  No redeals.


waste (bottom right) - where cards are automatically moved out of play.


tableau  - where cards are dealt from the stock.  Cards are dealt in a row.  Any card may be moved onto the card immediately previous to it or onto the card 3 cards previous to it if the cards are of the same suit or rank.  For example, if the cards in the row are the 3 ♣, 5 , 9 , 9 ♣, the 9 can be moved on either the 9 (because they are the same rank and the 9 is one card previous) or the  9 can be moved on the 3 (because they are the same suit and the 3 is 3 cards previous).  When cards reach the end of the screen the cards will go down to the next row in serpentine fashion.



AutoPlay - AutoPlay has a special function in this game.  When AutoPlay is on, at the start of the game all of the cards in the deck will be dealt out.  This is useful because dealing out all the cards at the beginning is the best strategy.



Accordion is also known as Idle Year, Tower of Babel, or Methuselah.


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