Aces and Kings Easy

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2 Decks.  Medium (90%).  Mostly Skill.



To move all the cards to the foundations.



8 foundation piles (middle) - build the first 4 piles from Ace to King up regardless of suit, build the last 4 piles from Kings to Aces down regardless of suit.


4 tableau piles (below foundations, on right) - storage spaces for cards.  Only one card allowed per pile.  Spaces are filled from the stock.  When the stock is empty, spaces are filled by any card.  One card is dealt to each pile at the start of the game.


2 reserve piles (top) - Top card available for play on the foundations.  13 cards are dealt to each reserve at the start of the game.


stock (bottom left, face down) -  Turn over 1 card at a time to the waste pile by clicking.  One redeal.


waste (next to stock) - Top card available for play on the foundations or tableau.






 It is allowed (in fact is it necessary in order to win)  to move cards from one foundation pile to another, in particular from Ace foundations to King foundations and vice versa.


Play consists of moving cards from the reserves, waste, and tableau to the foundations, and especially in strategic movement of cards within the foundations to allow more cards to be played there.



Aces and Kings Easy is Aces and Kings with a redeal.



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