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1 Deck.  Medium (33%).  Mostly Luck.



To pair up all the cards in the deck in pairs of cards whose ranks total to 13.



A Pyramid of 28 cards.  Only uncovered cards are available for play.  Discard pairs of cards whose ranks add to 13.  Kings are discarded singly.  To discard a pair, drop one card on the other, or right-click on one of the cards.


stock (top left) - turn over one card to each of 3 waste piles by clicking.  Two redeals.


3 waste piles (below stock) - The top card of each pile is available for pairing with uncovered cards in the pyramid or another top card of a waste pile.



Any pair of cards whose values add to 13 can be discarded.  The valid pairs are Queen-Ace, Jack-Two, 10-3, 9-4, 8-5, 7-6.  Kings are discarded singly.  To discards Kings, simply click on them.



Apophis is Pyramid with 3 waste piles.


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