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1 Deck.  Hard (15%).  Skill.



To move all the cards to the foundations.



4 foundation piles (top right) - build up in suit from Ace to King.


4 cells (top left) - storage locations for cards.  Only 1 card allowed in each cell.  The card is available for play on the foundations or tableau.  At the start of the game 1 card is dealt face up to each cell.


8 tableau piles (below foundations and cells) -  build down in suit.  The top card is available for play on the foundations, cells, or another tableau pile.  Move groups of cards if they are in sequence down in suit and if there are enough free cells that the cards could be moved individually.  Fill spaces with any available card.  At the start of the game 6 cards are dealt face up to each pile.






Note that groups of cards in the tableau can only be moved as a group if there are a sufficient number of empty cells available to store the cards individually.  The ability to move cards as a group is only a shortcut to moving the group one card at a time.


BakerCell is identical to FreeCell except that the tableau is built down in suit rather than down by alternate color and cards are dealt to the cells at the start of the game.  This makes BakerCell more challenging.


The game number deals #1 to #1000000 are compatible with the games in the standard Windows FreeCell.  For more information about FreeCell type games, see



Try to keep as many cells empty as possible.




BakerCell is a more difficult variation of Baker's Game.



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