Betsy Ross

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1 Deck.  Hard (20%).  Mostly Luck.



To move all the cards to the foundations.



4 Place cards (across top) - An Ace, Two, Three, and Four form a row across the top.  These cards serve only to tell how the foundations below them are built.  No building on these cards.


4 foundations (below Place cards) - build first pile up regardless of suit by ones, second pile up regardless of suit by twos, third pile up regardless of suit by threes, and fourth pile up regardless of suit by fours.  See chart below.


1:  2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T J Q K

2:  4 6 8 T Q A 3 5 7 9 J K

3:  6 9 Q 2 5 8 J A 4 7 T K

  4:  8 Q 3 7 J 2 6 T A 5 9 K


stock (face down) - Turn over cards 1 at a time to the waste pile by clicking.  Two redeals.


waste (next to stock) - Top card is available for play on the foundations.



Betsy Ross is a variation of Calculation.  It is also known as Four Kings, Musical Patience, Fairest, Plus Belle, and Quadruple Alliance.


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