Change Screen Resolution

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The Screen Resolution Changer will list all the available screen resolutions on your system.  It will list only those resolutions that you can change to without a system reboot.


To change the resolution, select the resolution and color depth you want and click on the Change button.  Windows will change resolutions and return you to the program.


If you have problems changing screen resolutions

In some cases, a resolution will appear on the list that does not actually work properly with your system.  In this case, your computer may become hung up.  To get out of this, you need to boot into what is called "safe mode".  When the computer is booting up, press the F8 key. (You may want to do it several times to be sure).  At some point in the boot up process you should get a menu of options.  You want to choose the option that says "Safe mode".  This is a special Windows boot up process that uses default drivers for everything.  Once it boots up, the screen may look different but that is ok.  Go into Start Button -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Display, select the settings tab, and set the desktop area back to whatever it was before (possibly 640x480 or 800x600).  Then click apply, and reboot.  The computer should reboot normally, assuming you selected a resolution that you have a driver for.  If not, repeat the process and select a different resolution.