Dial Harder

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1 Deck.  Medium (30%).  Skill/Luck balanced.



To arrange all the cards in the form of a clock, with all the Queens in a pile at the top, then clockwise around Aces, Twos, up to Jacks, and Kings in the middle.



13 tableau piles (the clock) - build in the same rank by alternate color. Spaces may be filled only by a card of the same rank as the clock position of the pile (Queens for the top pile, Aces for the next, and so on, and Kings in the middle).


stock (top left, face down) - turn over 1 card at a time to the waste, by clicking.  No redeals.


waste (next to stock) - top card available for play on the tableau.



Dial Harder is a harder version of Dial.


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