Forwards and Backwards

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2 Decks.  Very Hard (<1%).  Mostly Luck.



To discard all the cards.



20 tableau piles - in the first part of the game (the "Forwards" part), pair the top card of the stock with the top card of a pile where the ranks  add to 14. Valid pairs are A-K, 2-Q, 3-J, 4-10, 5-9, 6-8, 7-7.  Piles may contain more than 2 cards (for example, the pile may begin with an 8, a 6 can be played on it, then another 8, and so on).   Cards cannot be moved from one pile to another.  The game ends if the top card of the stock cannot be played to a pile.  If all the cards in the stock are played to the tableau, then the second part of the game (the "Backwards" part) begins.  Pairs of cards whose ranks add to 14 are removed from the tableau (cards can be paired by dropping one card on the other, or moving the cards to the reserve).  The two cards of the pair can both come from the same pile.  The game is won if all the cards are discarded.


stock (top left corner) - cards are built on the tableau.


waste (far right)  - Where paired cards go out of play.


reserve (lower left) - where pairs of cards can be formed.


Valid Discards

Ace-King, 2-Queen, 3-Jack, 4-10, 5-9, 6-8, 7-7


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