Fourteen Out

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1 Deck.  Medium (50%).  Mostly Skill.



To pair up all cards and move them out of play to the waste pile.



12 tableau piles - the top card of each pile is available.  Pair cards that total to 14.  For example, a King and an Ace, a Queen and a 2, or an 8 and a 6.  To remove a pair, pick up one card with the mouse and drop it on the other.  At the start of the game 5 cards are dealt face up to each of the first 4 piles, 4 cards are dealt face up to each of the remaining piles.


waste pile (bottom of screen) - where paired cards go out of play.



Cards that pair to 14: King-Ace, Queen-2, Jack-3, 10-4, 9-5, 8-6, 7-7.



Fourteen Out is a simple game to play, and is fairly easy to win.


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