King's Way

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2 Decks.  Hard (17%).  Mostly Luck.



To move all the cards except Kings in the tableau and Aces in the reserve to the waste pile.



8 tableau piles (across top) - no building.  Top card of each pile is available for play on the waste pile.  At the start of the game the Kings are dealt here, then a row of face down cards, then 4 face up cards are dealt to each pile.


stock (face down below tableau) - turn over 1 card to the waste by clicking.  1 redeal.  In the redeal, the number of Aces in the reserve is counted and that number of cards are taken from the bottom of the waste to form a new stock.


waste (next to stock) - build up or down by alternate color.  No wraparound, only Twos can be played on Aces and only Jacks can be played on Queens.


reserve (below stock) - Any Ace dealt to the waste from the stock can be played here.




Play cards from the tableau to the waste if possible.  Whenever there are no possible plays, turn over a card in the stock by clicking on it.  This card goes to the waste pile.


The game is won if the tableau is cleared except for Kings.


The redeal only redeals the number of cards in the reserve.  It is important to place as many Aces in the reserve as possible, however it may be necessary to leave some Aces in the waste in order to play Twos on them.



King's Way is a 2 deck varation of Golf.


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