Lady of the Manor

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2 Decks. Medium (30%).  Mostly Luck.



To move all the cards to the foundations.



8 foundation piles (across bottom) - build up regardless of suit from the founding Aces to Kings.  At the start of the game the Aces are dealt here.


4 tableau piles (middle) - top card is available for play on the foundations.  No building.  At the start of the game 12 cards are dealt to each pile (the top card is face up).


12 reserve piles (left, top, right) - each pile contains cards of the same rank, starting from Twos in the lower left around to Kings on the lower right.  The top card of each pile is available for play on the foundations.






After the tableau piles are dealt, the remainder of the cards are dealt to 12 reserve piles, one for of each of the ranks from Two to King.  The number of cards in each of these reserve piles will vary depending on how many cards of that rank remain after the tableau piles are dealt.  The top card of each Reserve pile is available for play on the Foundations.


Play consists entirely of moving cards to the foundations.



Since the cards in the reserve are always available, you should play to remove as many cards from the tableau piles as possible.



Lady of the Manor is also known as La Chatelaine.  The game Archway is an open version of this game.


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