Perpetual Motion

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1 Deck.  Very Easy (>99%).  Mostly Luck.



To move all the cards to the waste pile.



4 tableau piles (across top) - move cards of the same rank together in the same pile (moving cards from the right to the left).  Only the top card of each pile is available.  When all 4 cards of the same rank are dealt out on the 4 piles when the stock is clicked, they are moved to the waste pile by clicking on one of the cards.


stock (face down to the right of the tableau) - deal one card to each tableau pile by clicking.


waste pile - where cards go out of play.


redeal button - After all 52 cards in the deck have been dealt out and moved (if possible), click on the ReDeal button.  This starts a complicated process that puts all the cards in the tableau once again back in the stock.  (note that the cards are not reshuffled, just picked up in a certain way).



The Rules option in the Options menu allows you to choose between drag and drop and clicking.  If clicking is set, instead of dragging the card you want to move, simply click on it.



If any cards in the tableau have the same rank (such as, two of the cards are Jacks), the rightmost of the pair is moved on top of the leftmost (pick up the right card with the mouse and drop it on the left).    Once all possible pairs have been doubled up in this way, deal another row of 4 cards on top of the tableau by clicking on the face-down stock pile.



Perpetual Motion is a very simple game.  In fact, there is no strategy to it at all.  But totally mindless games have their uses.