Persian Rug

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2 Decks. Medium (50%).  Skill/Luck balanced.



To move all the cards to the foundations



8 foundation piles (left and right) - build left piles up in suit from Aces to Kings, build right piles down in suit from Kings to Aces.


tableau (center) -  At the start of the game 64 cards are dealt out in an 8x8 square, with every other card rotated 90 degrees.  Only cards which have a short side not blocked by another card are available.  In the initial configuration, 16 of the 28 cards on the outside edge are available.  As cards are removed, interior cards will become available.  Available cards from the tableau can be built onto the foundation piles.  Also, an available card in the tableau can be played on the reserves if it is in sequence up or down by suit.


8 reserves (left and right, between foundations and tableau) - build up or down by suit. Top card is available for play on the foundations or other reserves.  An empty space may be filled with any card. At the start of the game 4 cards are dealt face up to each pile.



Persian Rug is a variation of Crazy Quilt.


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