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2 Decks.  Medium (50%).  Mostly Skill.



To move all the cards to the foundations.



8 foundation piles (center row) - build up regardless of suit from the rank of first card played to each pile, wrapping from King to Ace as necessary, until each pile contains 13 cards.


8 Indicator cards (top row) - indicate the top card for each foundation.  Must be the last card played to the foundation directly below it.  This row indicates what the bases of the foundation piles will be.  The card in the indicator row is the last card that will be played on the foundation pile below it.  If the indicator card is a Five, for example, then the foundation pile below it must start with a Six.


8 tableau piles (bottom row) - top card available for play on the foundations only.  At the start of the game 12 cards are dealt face up to each pile.


stock (far left) - Redeals.  The tableau is redealt in the following way by clicking on the empty stock: the cards in the first pile are picked up and turned over.  The cards are then dealt out one at a time to each pile across to the right, and then back again to the leftmost pile  until the cards run out.  This is repeated for each pile in the tableau, moving from the leftmost pile to next pile to its right.  There are 8 redeals, one for each pile.



Primrose is a variation of Interregnum.


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