Quick Start

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If you've ever played a Windows solitaire game, you won't have much trouble playing this one.    Simply click on the name of the game you want to play (such as Klondike, the standard solitaire game).


To find out the rules of a particular game, goto the help menu and click on "How to Play."  Or just press F1.  Before playing, I recommend reading the tips (choose "Tips" from the help menu).


To move the cards, drag them with the left mouse button and drop them where you want them.  Or, you can click on the right mouse button to have the computer automatically move the card for you.  Note that this right-click option works in most situations in most games, but does not necessarily work in all situations in all games.  There are a few games where you will have to drag the cards.


Note that you can undo and redo moves thru the Options menu, or using the Undo and Redo buttons on the toolbar.


The autoplay option will automatically play cards to the foundation for you, if it is possible to move them.  This can be a great timesaver, but if you want this option turned off, you can do so in the options menu of each game.


When you exit a game, the game is saved automatically for you and you can resume the game right where you left off.  If you don't want games saved, you can turn this off as well from the options menu of the main screen.


Have fun!