Rouge et Noir

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2 Decks.  Hard (15%).  Mostly Skill.



To move all the cards to the foundations.



8 foundation piles (across top) - build left 4 piles up in color from Ace to King (2 leftmost with red X's start with red Aces, next 2 in green with black Aces), drop entire 13 card sequences down by alternate color from the tableau on the right 4 piles (2 starting with red X's with red Kings, 2 rightmost in green with black Kings).


10 tableau piles (below foundations) - build down by alternate color.  Groups of cards in sequence down by alternate color may be moved as a unit.  Spaces are filled only by Kings or legal groups of cards headed by a King.  At the start of the game 8 cards are dealt to the first pile, 7 cards to the 2nd pile, and so on until 1 card is dealt to the 8th and 9th piles.  The 10th pile is left empty.  The top card of each pile is face up.


stock (top left, face down) - deals 1 card to each tableau pile by clicking.



The first 4 foundations are built up card by card as is normal, but the right 4 foundations are built in the tableau.  When an entire 13 card sequence from King to Ace is built, it can be dropped on the right 4 foundations.


There is no AutoPlay in this game, so all cards must be moved by dragging or right-clicking on the card.



Keep in mind at all times that you are not only trying to build on the left 4 foundations up in color, but also you must build 4 complete 13-card sequences down by alternate color, much like they are built in Spider.  Whether to move a card to the 4 left foundations or to keep it in the tableau for building one of the sequences is a choice you are faced with often.  Also, note that when a new row of cards is dealt from the stock, you are likely to have many cards buried.



Rouge et Noir was invented by Charles Jewell.


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