Royal Parade

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2 Decks.  Hard (10%).  Mostly Skill.



To move all the cards to the foundations.



Twos foundations (first row),  Threes foundations (second row), Fours foundations (third row) - Build up in suit by threes.  Two piles (top row) are built  2, 5, 8, Jack, Three piles (second row) are built 3, 6, 9, Queen, Four piles (third row) are built 4, 7, 10, King.   An empty space can only be filled by a Two (top row), a Three (second row), or a Four (third row).  Top card only is available for play.  At the beginning of the game one card is dealt to each pile.


A Two, Three, or Four outside its proper row may be interchanged with another Two, Three, or Four outside its proper row if by interchanging them they are moved to their proper rows (To interchange cards, just drop one on the other).


Ace foundation (below stock) - build Aces only until the pile contains all 8 Aces.


8 reserve piles (bottom row) - top card is available for play on any of the foundations. No building.  Spaces are not filled except by a deal from the stock.


stock (top left, face down) - Deals 1 card to each reserve pile.  No redeals.



The objective is to get all Twos to start piles in the top row, all Threes to start piles in the second row, and all Fours to start piles in the third row.


Once a Two, Three, or Four is placed in its proper row, you can build up in suit by threes on it, at the end each pile will contain 4 cards.   Aces are removed and placed in the Ace pile.


Aces can be immediately played to the Ace foundation.


Spaces in the reserve can only be filled by a deal from the stock.



Royal Parade is a very old game that was improved with the newer game Virginia Reel.


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