Salic Law

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2 Decks.  Medium (50%).  Skill/Luck balanced.



To move all the cards to the foundations.



8 Queen foundations (across top) - Place Queens here as they come up in the deal. No building.


8 Ace foundations (below top Queen foundations) - build up regardless of suit by from Aces to Jacks.


8 tableau piles (under the foundations) - At the start of the game a King is dealt to the first pile.  Cards from the stock are placed on the first pile until another King appears (cards from the stock or tableau may be played to the foundations at any time if possible).  The next King is placed to begin the next tableau pile and the cards from the stock are played upon it until another King appears, and the process repeats until all the Kings appear and the stock is empty.  When the stock is empty, any Kings that have no cards played on them become open spaces.  Any single card can then be played on a bare King.  Otherwise after the stock is empty there is no building in the tableau.


stock (left) - Move cards from here to the tableau.



When dealing from the stock, all Aces and Queens should be immediately played to the foundations.  Kings must start a new tableau pile and all other cards must be played to the current King pile or to the foundations, if possible. Tableau piles will have differing numbers of cards in them depending on how the Kings play out.


This game is entirely mechanical except for deciding whether to play cards to the foundations or not.  The skill in the game is deciding when it is best to leave a card in the tableau.