Sir Tommy

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1 Deck.  Hard (30%).  Skill/luck balanced.



To move all the cards to the foundations.



4 foundation piles (across top) - build up regardless of suit from Ace to King.


4 reserve piles (below foundations) - cards are played here from the stock.  The top card of each pile is available for play.  Move cards to the foundations by clicking.


stock (face up on left) - Top card is available for play on the reserves or foundations.  No redeals.



The skill in this game is deciding which reserve pile to put each card in.  You do not want to block yourself by putting higher cards on top of lower cards, unless absolutely necessary.



This is an old and classic solitaire game.  It is closely related to Auld Lang Syne, but requires more skill and is easier to win, and is also related to Strategy.


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