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1 Deck.  Medium (65%).  Mostly Skill.



To create 4 King-to-Ace sequences down by alternate color in the tableau.



4 cells (top left) - storage locations for cards.  Only 1 card allowed in each cells.  The card is available for play on the tableau.


8 tableau piles (below cells) - The entire deck is dealt to these 8 piles (7 cards to the first 4 piles, 6 cards to the next 4 piles) .  The piles are built down by alternate color.  The top card is available for play on the cells or another tableau pile.  Move groups of cards if they are in sequence down by alternate color.  Fill spaces with any available card.



The object of this game is different from most games.  In this game, the final winning position consists of having 4 tableau piles headed by Kings, with each pile having 13 cards down by alternate color down to Ace.


The game number deals #1 to #1000000 are compatible with the games in the standard Windows FreeCell.  For more information about FreeCell type games, see http://www.freecell.org.




Spidercells is a cross between FreeCell and popular two-deck game Spider.


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