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1 Deck. Hard (2%).  Mostly Skill.



To move all the cards (except Queens) to the waste piles.



4 tableau piles (left) - Each pile contains 13 cards, first card a Queen, 2nd card face down, the rest face up.  Face down cards are not available until all face up cards (except Queens) in all piles have been played. Then the 4 cards are turned over for play.


4 waste piles (right) - build up or down regardless of suit from the tableau.  Aces may be played on Kings, Kings may be played on Aces, and Kings and Jacks are considered consecutive. Once a card has been played to a waste pile it cannot be moved.






Striptease was invented by David Parlett.  The name comes from the objective of the game, which is to strip the Queens of all their covering cards.


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