Three Blind Mice

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1 Deck.  Hard (20%).  Mostly Skill.



To group all the cards into 4 sets of 13 cards in sequence down in suit from King to Ace within the tableau.



10 tableau piles (top) - build down in suit.  Groups of cards (regardless of any sequence) can be moved.  Fill spaces with Kings or groups of cards headed by a King.   At the start of the game 5 cards are dealt to each pile.  In the rightmost 3 piles, 3 cards are face down and 2 face up, in the other piles all cards are face up.


reserve (bottom left) - both cards are available for play in the tableau at any time.



Any face up card, regardless of where in a pile it is, can be moved, along with all cards above it (this is like Yukon).



Three Blind Mice is a variation of Scorpion.


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