Travellers Clock

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1 Deck.  Hard (10%).  Luck.



To arrange all the cards in the form of a clock, with all the Queens in a pile at the top, then clockwise around Aces, Twos, up to Jacks, and Kings in the middle.



13 tableau piles (the clock) - build in the same rank on the pile corresponding to the clock face position for that rank. For example, Threes go in the far right pile, Sixes in the far bottom pile.  Only one card at a time may be moved.  When a card is moved to a pile it goes to the bottom of that pile and the top card of the pile is turned face up and is available for play on its proper pile.  At the start of the game 4 cards are dealt to each pile.



Play consists of re-ordering the cards to get each card into the pile that corresponds to its clock position.  Allowable building is of the same rank.  Kings go in the center pile.  Play continues until the 4th King is found or until all the cards in the correct clock face positions.  If the 4th King appears before all the other cards are correctly placed, the game is lost.



This game is also known as Travellers or just plain Clock.


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