Twisty Thirteens

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1 Deck. Medium (40%).  Skill/Luck Balanced.



To move all the cards to the tableau.



14 tableau piles  - build cards whose ranks add to 13, in alternate colors.  Kings can be played on any card in alternate colors.  Kings in alternate colors can be played on Kings, but no other card can be played on a King. Only one card at a time may be moved.  Spaces are filled automatically from the stock.  At the start of the game 1 card is dealt to each pile.


stock (top left, face up) - automatically fills spaces in the tableau.  Top card is available for play on the tableau.



The idea is to get all of the cards in play by grouping cards in piles.  Allowable plays are A-Q, 2-J, 3-10, 4-9, 5-8, 6-7, and King on any card and K-K.  All plays must be of alternate colors.  The game is won if all cards are moved from the stock onto the tableau.  Each tableau pile can regularly hold 4 cards, except if a King is played to it, in which case it can hold more (all Kings).


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