Wading Pool

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1 Deck.  Easy (95%).  Mostly Skill.



To group all the cards into 4 sets of 13 cards in sequence down in suit from King to Ace within the tableau.



8 tableau piles (top) - build down in suit.  Move groups of cards if they are in sequence down in suit.  Spaces can be filled by any card or legal group of cards.  At the start of the game these piles are empty.


8 reserve piles (below tableau) - build down in suit.  Top card is available for play on the tableau or reserves.  Only one card at a time may be moved.  Spaces are not filled.  At the start of the game 6 cards are dealt to each pile (the first 4 piles are dealt 7).



Play consists of moving cards from the reserve piles to the tableau (and then moving cards within the tableau) in order to form 4 sequences down in suit from King to Ace.



Try to begin by concentrating on grouping cards of one or two suits together.



Wading Pool is an easier version of Wave Motion.


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