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Pretty Good Solitaire


Copyright © 1995-2018 Goodsol Development Inc..  All Rights Reserved.


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Springfield IL  62791-9155  USA



Technical Support is available by e-mail to [email protected].



Pretty Good Solitaire was written entirely by one person, Thomas Warfield.  However, some other people had a role in its development.


Thanks to Michael Calligaro, who was there in the very beginning.


Thanks to Gregg Seelhoff for GDCARD.DLL.


Much of the artwork, including the card faces and backs, is by the late Rick Tumanis, SophSoft Incorporated, who died in 2011.


Thanks to David Parlett and Michael Keller.  Thanks to my beta testers, especially James Simpson, Bob Beauchamp, Dennis Guthrie, Danny L. Olson, Jim Reuber, Sherry Coombs, Vania Mascioni, Fred Lunde, Cynthia Taylor, and others.  Thanks to Brit Hume, whose newspaper review brought Pretty Good Solitaire enormous exposure.


Thanks to my primary tester, Anne.


And thanks to the people who have registered Pretty Good Solitaire- your support has contributed to its continued growth.