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The Solitaire Explorer comes up when you start Pretty Good Solitaire.  From here you can choose a game to play, start the Solitaire Wizard to create a game, or set options for the games.


To play a game

To play a game, simply click on the game name on the right side of the Explorer.  The games are divided into groups.  The "All Games" group contains every game in Pretty Good Solitaire, plus whatever games you create with the Solitaire Wizard.  The "Klondike Type" group contains all the games that are similar to the game Klondike.


To change the group

To change to a different group of games, click on the name of the group on the left side of the Explorer.


Special Groups

Two game groups have special qualities- the "Wizard Created Games" group and the "Favorites" group.  The "Wizard Created Games" group contains all the games you have created with the Solitaire Wizard.  The Favorites group is a group of games that you can change to put in the games you consider your favorites.


You can change the games in Favorites and even create your own groups in Options.