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Pretty Good Solitaire

US$24.95 - optional US$9.95 shipping for CD-ROM


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Pretty Good Solitaire is only US$24.95 (plus US$9.95 shipping if you would like the latest version sent on CD-ROM).   This program is shareware, and if you use it for longer than a 30 day evaluation period, you need to order.  Ordering is risk-free with our 30 day money back guarantee.


When you order, this is what you will get for your money:


A registration code and instructions on how to input this code to register your copy of Pretty Good Solitaire.  This process will get rid of the registration notices.  (Your registration code will be sent by e-mail if you specify an e-mail address; otherwise, it will be sent by regular mail).  If you include the $9.95 shipping fee, additionally you will be sent by mail the latest version on CD-ROM with your registration code.   If you order online, your code will be sent to you immediately!


Free upgrades thru the 2022 versions of Pretty Good Solitaire, and inexpensive upgrades thereafter.  The latest version is always available for download at


Technical support, via e-mail to [email protected]


The eternal gratitude of the author.



Registered owners of Pretty Good Solitaire 97, 98, 99, 2k, and versions 7-14 can upgrade at .


The upgrade for users who originally registered Pretty Good Solitaire version 15 or later is free.  If Pretty Good Solitaire does not automatically recognize your Pretty Good Solitaire version 15 or later registration, contact [email protected] for a new code.


Registered owners of the 16-bit Pretty Good Solitaire 2.2, FreeCell Plus, Napoleon Solitaire, and The Solitaire Wizard look here

Upgrades to registered owners of 16-bit programs.


Ordering Questions or Technical Support

Ordering questions:  email to [email protected]

Technical support: email to [email protected]

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