Eights Down

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2 Decks.  Medium (50%).  Skill/Luck balanced.



To move all the cards to the foundations.



8 foundation piles (right) - build down in suit from Eights to Ace, wrapping to King to Nine.  At the start of the game the Eights are dealt to each pile.


6 tableau piles (across top, left) - build up in suit, wrapping from King to Ace as necessary.  Groups of cards may be moved if they are in a sequence up in suit.  Spaces can be filled by any card or legal group of cards.  At the start of the game 1 card is dealt face up to each pile.


stock (bottom, face down on left) - move 1 card to waste by clicking.  One redeal.


waste (beside stock) - top card available for play on the foundations or tableau.






Eights Down is a member of the Busy Aces family.  Eights Down was invented by Thomas Warfield.


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