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1 Deck.  Very Easy (>99%).  Mostly Skill.



To create 4 sequences of 12 cards of the same suit, running from Twos to Kings.



52 card spaces  - Fill in gaps (spaces) by moving the next highest ranking card in suit to the card to the left of the space into the space.  Do this by clicking on the card to you want to move.  At the start of the game 13 cards each are dealt to 4 rows and the Aces are removed.   The object is to rearrange the cards so that each row contains a in-suit sequence starting with Two on the far left and going up to Kings.


Shuffle (top) - When clicked, all cards that are not in suit sequence starting from a Two in the leftmost position of the pile will be picked up and moved randomly to another location (that is, once a card is in a position it needs to be in to win the game, it will remain there thru a shuffle).  Two Shuffles are allowed (or select Unlimited redeals in Options).



A gap (space) can be filled by moving the next higher card in suit to the card immediately to the left of the space into the space.  This is done simply by clicking on the card you want to move.   For example, if there is a 4 followed by a space, click on the 5 (wherever it may be) and it will be moved to the right of the 4.  Gaps (spaces) on the far left that have no card to the left can be replaced by Twos (of any suit).  When the card to the left of a gap is a King, no card can be moved into its place.


Eventually, all the gaps will be to the right of Kings.  When this occurs, the cards can be reshuffled by clicking on the Shuffle indicated in the top center of the playing field.



Rules - 2 ReDeals or Unlimited ReDeals



Gaps is also known as Spaces.


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