Spaces and Aces

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1 Deck.  Very Hard (1%).  Mostly Skill.



To create 4 sequences of 13 cards of the same suit, running from Aces to Kings.



56 card spaces  - Fill in gaps (spaces) by moving a card of higher rank and of the same suit as the card to the left of the space into the space.  Spaces at the far left of each row are filled with Aces.  No card may be played to a space to the right of a King.  At the start of the game 13 cards each are dealt to 4 rows of 14 spaces, with the leftmost space empty.   The object is to rearrange the cards so that each row contains a in-suit sequence starting with an Ace on the far left and going up to Kings.



A gap (space) can be filled by moving a higher card in suit to the card immediately to the left of the space.  For example, if there is a 4 followed by a space, you can move any higher to that space, for example the 10 .  Spaces on the far left are filled with an Ace (of any suit).  When the card to the left of a gap is a King, no card can be moved into its place.


If all the spaces are to the right of Kings, the game is lost.



Spaces and Aces is a variation of Gaps invented by Robert Harbin.


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