Imperial Guards

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2 Decks.  Medium (45%).  Skill/Luck balanced.



To move all the cards to the foundations.



8 foundation piles (across top) - build up in suit from Ace to King.


8 tableau piles (below foundations) - build down by alternate color.  Groups of cards may be moved if they are in sequence down by alternate color.  Empty piles can be filled by any card or legal group of cards.  At the start of the game 1 card is dealt face up to each pile.


stock (top, face down on left) - deals one card to each tableau pile by clicking.  No redeals.


reserve (below stock) - storage for a card or sequence of cards, usable only after stock is empty.  Card or sequence is available for play on the foundations or tableau.






After all cards in the stock pile have been played, players may take advantage of the empty space beneath the stock pile (the reserve).  Any single card, or legal sequence of cards may be moved to that space.  Only one such card or sequence may be played to the reserve.



Imperial Guard is Miss Milligan with spaces in the tableau filled by any card instead of just Kings.


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