Knitting Pairs

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1 Deck. Medium (60%).  Skill/Luck balanced.



To pair up all the cards in the deck in pairs of cards of the same ranks.



tableau (center) - Pair up cards of the same rank. At the start of the game 36 cards are dealt out in an 6x6 square, with every other card rotated 90 degrees.  Only cards which have a short side not blocked by another card are available.  In the initial configuration, 12 of the cards on the outside edge are available.  As cards are removed, interior cards will become available.  Available cards from the tableau or reserve can be paired.



4 reserve piles - No building, the top card is available for pairing with the tableau .  Two cards from the reserve piles cannot be paired.  At the start of the game 4 cards are dealt face up to each pile.



Knitting Pairs is an Addition type version of the game Crazy Quilt based on an idea by Bastiko Pradhana.



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