Groups and Foundations

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The Groups and Foundations part of the Solitaire Wizard has 4 parts: Groups of Cards Moved as a Unit, Foundation Base Card, Foundation Building Method, and Remove completed sequences from the tableau.


Groups of Cards Moved as a Unit

Determines whether you can move more than one card at a time among Tableau piles.  There are 3 choices:  No, you can only move one card at a time, yes, you can move groups but only if they are in a legal sequence (these sequences are chosen in the drop-down box), and yes, you can move groups without any restrictions.


Foundation Building Method

Determines how the Foundation piles are built up from their base.  There are 4 choices: Build up in suit (most usual), build up in alternate color, build up in color,  and build up regardless of suit.


Foundation Base Card

Determines what card starts each Foundation pile.  You have two choices: begin all piles with aces (choosing this option gives you the further choice of dealing the aces to the Foundations at the beginning of the game, or not), or begin all piles with a card rank chosen at random at the beginning of the game.  In this case, the first card in the deck is dealt to the first Foundation pile.  All other Foundation piles must then begin with the same rank as this card.  (For example, if the card is a 4 all the other piles must start with 4's and build up).


Remove Completed Sequences from the Tableau

This option is available only in Spider type games.  It determines whether a completed King-to-Ace sequence should be removed from the tableau (as is done in Spider), or whether it should remain in the tableau (as in Scorpion).


When filling out these fields is complete, click on the next button.


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