Solitaire Wizard Tutorial

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Creating your own solitaire game is easy using the Solitaire Wizard.  All you have to do is decide what kind of rules you want for your game.  There are all kinds of different kinds of solitaire games.  With the Solitaire Wizard, you can create games of three types:  Klondike type games, Forty Thieves type games, and FreeCell type games.  These three types cover a lot of ground and a large number of standard solitaire games fall into one of these three types.  What they all have in common is a Foundation that is built up.  When the Foundation contains all the cards, the game is won.  They all have a Tableau that is build down.  Many of the games have a Stock and a Waste pile, and some have storage cells for cards.


To illustrate how to create a game, we will create a new game called "FreeCell Klondike".  It will be exactly what the name suggests: a cross between FreeCell and Klondike.


Creating FreeCell Klondike

Start the Solitaire Wizard by clicking on the Wizard button from the main screen.


Type in "FreeCell Klondike" in the Game Name box.


Choose a game type of "Klondike".


Choose "1 Deck" for the number of decks.  Both FreeCell and Klondike are 1 deck games. Click on the Next button.


Choose 7 for the number of Tableau piles.  That is the number of tableau piles in Klondike.


Since this is a Triangular tableau, the number of cards in each tableau pile is fixed.  Choose "All Cards Face Up" for the number of face down cards.  We will show the entire tableau like FreeCell does. Click on the next button.


Choose "Build Down in Alternate Colors" for the method of tableau building.  Both FreeCell and Klondike build this way.


Choose "King" for how to fill empty tableau piles.  


Choose 4 for the number of free cells.  That is the number of free cells that FreeCell has.  Click on the next button.


Choose "No" for whether groups of cards can be moved as a unit.  Generally, most games with free cells do not allow groups to be moved.  However, as a shortcut, we will be able to move groups if we have enough empty cells available that the cards could be moved separately.


Choose "Up in same suit" for the method of Foundation building.  Most games use this method.


Choose "Ace" for the Foundation base card.  Both FreeCell and Klondike have ace-based Foundations.  Click on the next button.


For the number of cards dealt to the stock, choose "1 to the waste pile".  This is one of Klondike's options.   You could also choose 3 here, but then you would want to allow redeals.


Choose "None" for number of redeals allowed.  To make the game easier, you can increase the number of redeals.


Click on the Finish button.  You will now be able to play your first game of FreeCell Klondike.


Once you create a game, you can always go back and modify the rules using the Wizard.  Just select the game name from the box at the beginning of the Wizard.