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Alhambra is a difficult two deck game.

How to Play

There are eight foundation piles. The left four piles are built up in suit from Ace to King, the right four piles are built down in suit from King to Ace. At the start of the game an Ace and King of each suit is dealt. The game is won when all of the cards are moved here.

Below the foundations are eight reserve piles. There is no building on these piles. The top card is available for play on the foundations or the waste pile. At the start of the game four cards are dealt to each pile.

The remainder of the cards form a stock. One card is dealt the the waste pile by clicking. There are two redeals.

In addition to being a regular waste pile, you can build up or down by suit on the waste pile, wrapping as necessary (Aces may be built on Kings and Kings may be built on Aces). The top card is available for play on the foundations.

All of the building in Alhambra is on the foundations and waste pile. It is a very difficult game to win, with an average player winning only about 1% of the time.

Variations of Alhambra

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