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Indian Patience

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Indian Patience is a Forty Thieves type game with some unique features.

How to Play

There are eight foundation piles that are built from Aces to Kings. The object of the game is to move all of the cards to the foundation piles.

There are ten tableau piles, just as in Forty Thieves. At the start of the game three cards are dealt to each pile, one face down and two face up. Building is down by any suit but the same. Only one card at a time may be moved.

When a face down card is exposed in the tableau (by removal of the cards above it), that card is turned face up and becomes a protected card. Protected cards may only be moved to a foundation and no cards may be played upon them. When a protected card is moved to a foundation, the empty space will be filled from the stock with one face down card and two more face up (just like the initial deal) for as long as the stock contains the cards to do so. Protected cards remain protected until the stock is empty, then they become available for play on other tableau piles, and other cards may be played upon them. After the stock is empty, spaces may be filled by any card.

The remainder of the deck forms a stock. Clicking on the stock deals one card to a waste pile. The top card of the waste pile is available for play on the foundations or tableau. There are no redeals.

An average player wins Indian Patience about 40% of the time, although much better scores are possible.

The protected cards give Indian Patience a unique feel and makes Indian Patience one of the most interesting Forty Thieves type games. The idea of protected cards is also used in the games Mumbai and Taj Mahal.

Variations of Indian Patience

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