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Most of the games from Pretty Good Solitaire are games that have been published in various solitaire books.  The majority of these games date from the nineteenth century.  The inventors of these games are unknown.


Among the source books of games are


Lady Cadogan's Illustrated Games of Solitaire or Patience, 1914.
The Complete Book of Solitaire & Patience Games  by Albert H. Morehead & Geoffrey Mott-Smith, 1949.
100 Games of Solitaire, 1939.
Le Livre Illustre des Patiences, by Comtesse de Blanccoeur, 1860.
Games of Patience, by Mary Whitmore Jones, 1899.


The Penguin Book of Patience by David Parlett, Penguin Books, ISBN 0-7139-1193-X, 1979.


Unfortunately, the Parlett book is out of print in the USA and is not generally available.  However, a smaller book Teach Yourself Card Games for One by David Parlett (Teach Yourself Books, ISBN 0-8442-3686-1, 1994) is available.  The in-print books are available online at the Solitaire Bookstore at


Pretty Good Solitaire contains many games that are original to the program.  Many of these games are listed in the original games group.  There are also a number of games original to the program that are not listed in this group.


Some games have inventors that are known.  Those inventors are listed below.  Click on a name to see the games each person invented.


Paul Alfille

C.L. Baker

Art Cabral

David Bernazzani

Alex Bove

Heidi Good

Charles Jewell

Michael Keller

Fred Lunde

Albert Morehead and Geoffrey Mott-Smith

David Parlett

Randy Rasa

Bryan Stout

Bill Taylor

Peter Voke

Anne Warfield

Thomas Warfield


The inventors of the following games are unknown, or do not wish to have the games attributed to them, or the games were modified for their appearance in Pretty Good Solitaire, or were given special names for Pretty Good Solitaire, or are unique to Pretty Good Solitaire:


Acquaintance, Alaska, Australian Patience, Bastion, Beetle, Box Fan, Brazilian Patience, Cadran, Castles End, Cheops, Double Easthaven, Double Yukon, Dover, Eternal Triangle, Fifteen Puzzle, Free Parking, Gold Rush, Hidden Treasures, Interchange, Interment, Josephine, Little Thieves, Mamy Susan, Milligan Cell, Monaco, Morehead, Moving Left, Needle, Northwest Territory, Preference, Putt Putt, Raw Prawn, Roosevelt, Scorpion II, Simon Jester, Solstice, Spider Web, Suspenseful, Thieves of Egypt, Triple Interchange, Ukrainian Solitaire, Unlimited, Waterloo