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In the world of solitaire games, Klondike is king. Among the people who play solitaire, many do not even know that the game that they play is called "Klondike". Some people don't even know that any other solitaire game exists.

Klondike is the classic solitaire game with 7 tableau piles. It is the game called just "solitaire" in Windows. Klondike has long been one of the most popular of solitaire games, but it was only recently, with the rise of Windows, that it became the most well known of solitaire games.

Klondike is more than 100 years old, dating back at least to the Klondike gold rush. It is also known by other names, such as Triangle, and is sometimes called Canfield in England (there is another game more commonly called Canfield, which is often called Demon in England).

There are many different solitaire games similar to Klondike and there are even many different ways to play Klondike itself.

In its purest form, Klondike is very difficult to win. Cards are turned over from the stock to the waste in sets of 3 and there is no redeal. Playing this way you can win at best around 3% of the time. Most computer implementations of Klondike, including the one that comes with Windows, allow unlimited redeals. This makes the game considerably easier.

To make the game easier yet, it can be played turning cards from the stock one at a time instead of three at a time. And finally, Pretty Good Solitaire's Klondike has a "KingOnly" option. In normal Klondike, only Kings or groups of cards headed by a King can be played to an empty tableau pile. By turning off KingOnly, you can play any card to an empty tableau pile. With the rules relaxed in this way it ispossible to win virtually every game. Thus there is something for everyone in Klondike - you can make the game as easy or as hard as you like.

There are several interesting 2 deck variations of Klondike. These include Double Klondike, Gargantua, and Harp. Klondike is the basis of an entire group of solitaire games, called Klondike Type Solitaire Games.

Warning! - Pretty Good Solitaire may be addictive. We are not responsible for lost productivity, neglected spouses, children, or pets. We are not responsible for lost sleep because you stay up to play "just one more game".

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"Pretty Good Solitaire is by far the best thought out and executed version of Solitaire I have ever used. Its use of fast animation and intelligent movement routines make it a huge success for solitaire players. Also, the variety of cardsets allows users to choose the one most suited to each individual. Finally, the variety of games is absolutely astonishing and sure to be able to please anyone's passion for solitaire."
- J. Stevens

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