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Download All Tile Sets (Windows Only)

To Install:
Windows Run the downloaded file.
Mac Download and unzip the file. Double click on the .tiles file in Finder. The game will start and install the tile set.

Note that some tile sets work only in Tile Matching games.

Create Your Own Tilesets

Create your own tilesets for Pretty Good MahJongg using the following sample templates.


1. Requires at least Version 2.1 of Pretty Good MahJongg (full version).

2. Image editing ability required. You must have an image editing program and the ability to use it.

3. Custom tilesets work in tile matching/puzzle games only (not in the solitaire games).

Download the zip file of sample BMP files. Create your own tile images and edit them into the sample file. Once completed, just place the .BMP file into the Tilesets folder under the main Pretty Good MahJongg folder.

Download sample tilesets file

Available Custom Tilesets

Goodsol Cats Tileset

Download Goodsol Cats Tileset

A homemade tileset by Thomas Warfield featuring the cats Inquisitor, Ace, Pumpkin, Lady Jane, and Queenie.

Michigan Nature Scenes Tileset

Download Michigan Nature Scenes Tileset

A homemade tileset by Thomas Warfield featuring pictures taken near Lake Michigan.

Download Christian Tileset

A homemade tileset by LadyNada featuring Christian images.

Ocean Tile Set

Download Ang Tile Sets

A collection of 5 tile sets by Ang (Angela Riedel)

Cat Card Set

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